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Taylor singing “Who Says” with Selena Gomez in New York (11/22/11).

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Mean (Acoustic) - Taylor Swift

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not even the gods above could separate the two of us, no nothing can come between you and I

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This is my all time favorite Taylor Swift Live Session.  Vh1 Storytellers was taped at California’s Harvey Mudd College, and she sang an
intimate nine-song set:

01. You Belong With Me
02. Red
03. Ours
04. Eyes Open
05. Mean
06. Begin Again
07. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
08. Our Song
09. Love Story
10. Interviews

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"I’ve been playing different songs every night ‘cause it’s fun to kind of switch it up and play songs that maybe song that you haven’t heard in a while or a song that, maybe a song that I did as a duet with someone else."

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Long Live (Acoustic) - Taylor Swift

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“It’s a song that I wrote about how when you fall in love it’s not really up to the people around you to tell you what they think about it, but they always will. And, if it’s real love, you’ll find a way to ignore it that everyone else has their opinions because it’s really just between you and one other person. This is a song I wrote about that, it’s called Ours.”

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one of my all time favorite Taylor Swift songs is State of Grace. and like many fans, I was bummed out when she didn’t sing the acoustic version on the Red Tour. this “live acoustic” remix has an enhanced bass and drum line along with a filter to replicate that wonderful “I-recorded-this-with-my-iPhone” live sound. enjoy!
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Dear John (Acoustic) - Taylor Swift

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"When I meet you sometimes you request songs for me to play, and during the course of the week a lot of you wanted me to play this one song that I wrote a few years ago. It kind of compares, you know, those nights you have when you just feel like everything is going right and you know this is a rare moment in your life. Because you’re so happy you can barely believe it, and you guys have made feel that happy so many times and this is just one of the moments I wrote a song about it. This is called Long Live"

Download here (right click and “save as”).